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Get Started Making Wire Jewelry


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Tool Caddy

Tool Caddy

Tammy Powley
Wire work is a great way for the beginner jewelry maker to get started. Even if you move onto other forms of jewelry making such as beads or metalsmithing, the techniques you will learn making wire jewelry, from making jump rings to creating simple wire hooks, are very valuable. To get started, you will first need to invest in some tools and supplies. Though there is no end to the tools you are able to collect when making any type of jewelry, I have compiled a list of items that can help the beginner wire worker get started:

1. Bent-nose pliers
2. Clamps
3. Round-nose pliers
4. Ruler
5. Wire cutters
6. Ring mandrel
7. Raw hide hammer
8. Hand drill
9. Polishing cloth
10. Wire pin vise
11. Jeweler's files
12. Tool box
13. Practice wire

Read on to find out more about the tools and supplies listed above.

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