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Bead String Tools & Equipment


When I started many years ago, I got my tools from my husband’s tackle box, and it did the trick for a few months until I realized I wanted to keep doing this thing called jewelry making. Once I invested in some good tools, specifically made for jewelry, I was amazed at how much better my jewelry turned out. So, feel free to use what you have at first, but realize that you always need the right tool for the right job. There are tons of tools really, but at a minimum you’ll need the following:

Round-nosed pliers: Okay, these you won’t find in your husband’s tackle box. They are made just for jewelry makers, and like the name indicates, the tips of these are round. They are used for making loops or curling pieces of wire. Get a good pair of these, preferably one with a spring in the handle.

Flat-nosed pliers: These are your basic pair of pliers with a flat nose, but the difference with those made for jewelry making versus those you might find in your garage is that these are smooth on the inside of the nose.

Wire cutters: While you are going to be beading mostly and not working with wire so much, you still need a good pair of flush cut wire cutters to cut things like headpins (used to make earrings) or beading wire (a flexible coated metal wire).

Scissors: Small scissors like those used in sewing are handy to cut thread.

Glue: A little dab will do you, but it’s handy to have some jeweler’s glue. Hypo-cement is one brand many jewelry makers use.

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