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Getting Started: Bead Stringing


Making gemstone bead jewelry was my first love when I began to make jewelry seriously many years ago. While I moved on to learn all types of jewelry making from fused glass to metal work, I still enjoy stringing beads. As a jewelry method, it has many advantages over other forms of jewelry making. First of all, most beginners can learn to do at least the basics relatively quickly. Granted, it still takes some skill and knowledge to make really unique beaded designs, but if you are new to jewelry making, I suggest starting with bead stringing. Another advantage is that you can do it just about anywhere with very few pieces of specialized equipment. I love doing my glass work, but admittedly, I do less and less of it as the space in my garage shrinks and as it gets hotter and hotter outside.

If you’re new to jewelry making, or if you have done other types of jewelry construction but never strung a bead, then this article will explain how you can get started with bead stringing. Read on to learn about simple projects, tools and equipment, beads and findings, and stringing material.

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