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Get Started Jewelry Making Methods

All kinds of jewelry making possibilities are out there waiting for you. Here's some advice on how you can get started making different types of jewelry today.
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Getting Started: Metalsmithing
To get started with metal jewelry making, you will need some specific tools for your tool box.

Free Jewelry Making E-Courses
Learn how to make jewelry at home with one of these free jewelry making e-courses. Discover new techniques in beading, wire work, fiber, fabrication, metal clay, and more. There is even a course on how to start your own jewelry business. ?

Supplies and Tools to Get Started
You would be amazed at how little you need to start making jewelry using tiny glass seed beads.

Make Jewelry Now
Get started making jewelry now with this helpful hub of links to the basics of all kinds of jewelry making: bead stringing; bead weaving; wire work; metal clay; metal fabrication; metal soldering; fused and lampwork glass; and mixed media and fiber.

Getting Started: Bead Stringing
Bead stringing is an excellent way to get started making jewelry for the first time. This article discusses the tools, supplies, and related information you need to start making beaded jewelry.

Getting Started - Finding Classes
If you want to learn how to make jewelry or just learn more about techniques you use now, then read this feature to find out how to locate classes near you

Getting Started: Metal Clay
You can start making jewelry with precious metal clay once you get the right tools and equipment. Here's what you need to get started.

Get Started: Polymer Clay
To get yourself started experimenting with polymer clay, it only takes a minimal amount of equipment and materials.

Get Started: Fused Glass
Advice and suggestions for how you can get started making fused glass jewelry.

Get Started: Wire Work
Get everything you need for your wire working tool box and start creating beautiful wire jewelry.

Get Started: Macrame Jewelry
You can get started making your own macrame jewelry for only a few dollars.

Metal Jewelry Fabrication Techniques
Fabrication basically entails learning how to form and work with metal. These techniques are some metal fabrication basics.

Get Started Making Wire Jewelry
This article provides you with some basic information about how to get started making wire jewelry.

Getting Started: Tools for Glass Soldering
Stain glass tools can be used to solder metal on glass pieces and turn them into jewelry components. Here is some information about these tools.

What is a Wire Pin Vise?
Use this tool, called a pin vise, to create interesting twists with your wire.

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