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Victorian Fused Glass Necklace


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Introduction and Materials
Victorian Style Fused Necklace

Victorian Style Fused Necklace

Tammy Powley
Have you ever bought or made a piece of fused glass and then thought, "Okay, now what do I do with it?" Sure, you could hang it from a chain. That would be easy enough. But, there are many other options. This project was inspired by a fused glass pendant using a Dichroic glass called blue ripple and the Victorian style designs in Beaded Elegance by Cheryl Assemi.

To make this necklace, you will need the follow supplies and tools:

87 - 4mm Royal blue Czech crystal beads
50 Silver size 11 seed beads
About 25 inches of Soft-Touch size .010 beading wire
2 - 5x7mm Clear AB Czech crystal teardrop beads
2 - 2x2mm Crimp beads
1 Fused glass pendant
1 Silver claps or wire to make your own hook and eye clasp
Crimping pliers
Wire cutters

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