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How to Create Home Studio for Fused Glass


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Glass Jewelry Studio

Glass Jewelry Studio

Tammy Powley
If you’ve fallen in love with making glass beads or fused glass or if you’ve always wanted to try glass, then eventually you’ll need to create a place to work. Between shards of glass, torches, and kilns, glass doesn’t work as well on the kitchen table as beads or wire do. You need to organize a safe area to work in where no one will step barefoot on a piece of glass, drops of melting glass won’t drip on the head of our cat, or fumes from a torch won’t make your family ill.

When I become more involved with glass work, I ended up converting a corner of my garage into a glass studio. I have an exhaust system in the garage, but on good days, I can just open the door and let Mother Nature help with any ventilation issues. Here is a tour. It might give you ideas about setting up your own glass jewelry work-area.

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