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Geometric Glass Pendant

Geometric Glass Pendant

Tammy Powley
I used some scraps of fused glass, a little wire for the bale, and glass soldering technique to make this glass pendant. Once you start making your own glass pendants, add them to a beaded piece, a wire and bead chain, or just slip it on a sterling chain.

You'll need:

1 inch by 1 1/4 inch piece of fused glass
Glass soldering tools
Glass grinder*
1 wire bail or jump ring (copper or silver)
Approximately 8 inches of 1/4 inch wide copper foil

*You may or may not need to use a glass grinder. If your glass piece is pretty smooth all around it, then you may not need it. If it's rough, then it might be a good idea to smooth the piece. Also, if you have a kiln, an additional option is to heat your glass to round the edges of the piece. For the pendant pictured, I did smooth it on a grinder, but I did not run it through a kiln cycle.

1. Wrap copper foil around the glass, and use scissors to trim off excesses.

2. Use a pencil to burnish the foil around the glass.

3. Solder around the foil on both sides of the pendant.

4. Now set the bale up against the glass piece. I put mine at one of the corner, but you could put it just about anywhere as long as it's making contact with the metal you just soldered.

5. Again, use your solder to attach the bale or jump ring to your glass piece.

That's pretty much it. If you clean up your piece a little, use some steel wool and brush all around the metal. Clean with soap and water.

This is a beginning project, but you can see the possibilities. Think of all the different geometric shapes and type of glass available and you could really create a number of different, but simple, glass pendant designs.

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