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How to Cut a Hole in Glass


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Introduction and Supplies
Fused Glass Cabs with Holes

Fused Glass Cabs with Holes

Tammy Powley
Drilling a hole through glass – this sounds like a simple task, doesn’t it? Actually, it is a fairly easy process, but it didn’t always seem that easy until I got a lesson in using a drill press from D.D. Hess. A talented lampwork and fused glass artist, D.D. also worked as a carpenter for a number of years, so she can handle just about any power tool. Though there are a number of tools and methods for drilling through glass, I wanted the ability to cut holes quickly. With a drill press and some diamond drill core bits, I found what I had been searching for.

You can make some interesting jewelry using fused glass methods, and learning how to cut a hole in glass is a good technique for attached jump rings, bails, and other findings to the glass components you make. For example, pictured are some glass cabs I made, which I call "Opal Glass," and then I cut holes at the top of some of them and used wire to create bails.

You will need the following tools and supplies:

Drill press
Diamond core bits
Thin piece of wood
Shallow plastic dish (Left over frozen inner dishes work well.)
Protective eye wear
Ear protection
Pair of hemostats

Note about Equipment: A drill press can be purchased where most power tools can be found and range in price from $50 to $100. I purchased a set of diamond core bits (which range in size) is available from Rio Grande.

Safety Note: As with any power tool, be careful and use your common sense. Have hair tied back and wear protective eye and ear wear. Do not put your fingers directly under the drill bit.

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