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Fused Glass Jewelry Making

Learn to make unique jewelry components using fused glass methods.

Geometric Glass Pendant
Even if you don't have a huge glass set up, you can make one of these Geometric Glass Pendants.

How to Make Fused Glass Frit
Frit is made up of small pieces of glass and is used to create decorative elements on fused glass pieces such as pendants.

Victorian Fused Glass Necklace
What can you do with fused glass pendants? This stringing design will show you one great method for using fused glass as the focal piece for a gorgeous necklace.

Fused Glass Center Piece Beaded Necklace
While this necklace has all kinds of other materials included such as seed beads, crystals, gemstone beads, and metal, the fused glass pendant is the star.

How to Create Home Studio for Fused Glass
If you’ve fallen in love with making glass beads or fused glass or if you’ve always wanted to try glass, then eventually you’ll need to create a place for yourself and your glass. Here are a few tips to help you create your own safe place to work with glass.

Creating Fused Blank Pendants
These fused glass pendants are blank on the front so you end up with a blank canvas of sorts to add designs and embellishments to later. They are a great way to use up glass scraps too.

Rubber Stamped Glass Pendants
This mixed-media jewelry technique allows you to decorate fused glass pendants with images from rubber stamps.

Fused Dichroic Post Earrings
Small pieces of fused glass work perfectly with post earring findings, and the use of Dichroic glass gives you a rainbow of possibilities.

Make Faux Beach Glass
Use your fused glass scraps up with this easy technique for making faux beach glass.

Annealing Metal, Beads, and Glass Jewelry
Learn about this important jewelry making technique that is essential for ensuring the inegrity of your lampwork beads, fused glass, wire, or metal jewelry.

To Buy a Kiln or Not to Buy a Kiln
I get a lot of email concerning kilns. This is a big decision to make for most jewelry makers. Before you buy a kiln, consider some important questions you need to ask yourself.

Finger Painting - Glass and Colors
Learn some more of what I learned in my second fused glass class.

Cutting & Pasting - Fused Glass
The 3rd in a series on what I learn in my fused glassclass. This lesson is on volume control.

How to Use a Glass Saw for Fused Glass Jewelry
You can make all kinds of wonderful shapes and designs with glass that you can then turn into pendants and earrings for your jewelry making needs.

Wire & Glass Pendant
Show off your wire designs by fusing them in glass to make a unique pendant.

Beaded Cab Barrette
Bead around fused glass cabs and then attach your beaded master piece to a barrette back.

Dichroic Fused Pendant
Almost as simple as making a sandwich, these fused glass pendants use dichroic glass to give them a real punch.

Learn about Fused Glass
Stained glass artists have been fusing glass for decades, but this technique can be used to create beautiful glass jewelry. Here is a brief FAQ about fused glass jewelry.

Coefficient of Expansion and Fused Glass Jewelry
What is Coefficient of Expansion (COE) and how does it affect fused glass jewelry?

Tips for Cutting Fused Glass for Jewelry Making
Learn some tips for successfully cutting fused glass to be used in your fused glass jewelry designs.

How to Cut a Hole in Glass
You can make some interesting jewelry using fused glass methods, and learning how to cut a hole in glass is a good technique for attached jump rings, bails, and other findings to the glass components you make.

Make an Opal Glass Cab
Make an Opal Glass Cab

Wire Scrap Glass Key Fob
These two key fobs were created using left over parts and pieces from our scrap bowl and then attaching the small chain to a fused glass pendant.

Make a Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant
Learn to combine black glass and colorful Dichroic glass and fuse them together to form a pretty pendant.

Fused Glass Jewelry Tutorials and Techniques
Making fused glass jewelry is easy when you have the basics as far as techniques and easy tutorials to follow.

Fused Glass Jewelry Defined
Learn the basic concept of fused glass jewelry.

Dichroic Glass Defined
Dichroic glass allows you to create awesome color combinations in fused glass jewelry. Learn about the space-age technology that helped develop this unique material.

Wire and Fused Glass Celtic Pendant
Use fused glass and wire techniques to make this unique pendant design.

Beaded Cab Barrette
Fused glass cabs are the focus of this beaded barrette.

Fused Glass Pendants and Volume Control
This article is a little lesson how glass and heat volume control when making fused glass jewelry components.

Fused Glass Cabochons Experiment
Try this experiment when making fused glass cabochons.

Make a Glass Color Graph
Learn about glass colors by making a fused glass color graph.

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