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How to Close a Crimp Bead


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Introduction to Closing a Crimp Bead
How to Close a Crimp Bead
Crimp beads are most often used when stringing a beaded piece (like a bracelet or necklace) which has been strung with beading wire. The crimp beads finish the end of the beaded piece of jewelry and help create a loop for the clasp to be attached to. They can be used in the place of a bead tip or in addition to one in order to help keep the knot inside of the bead tip.

There are two kinds of crimp beads: tube shaped and round shaped. The tube shaped crimp beads are most often available in sterling or gold-filled, while the round are normally made of base metal. While it's all a matter a taste and preference, I have to say that I have found the tube shaped crimp beads to be much easier to work with. So, if you are new to crimping, I would recommend starting with tubes, and those are the types of crimp beads (2x2mm) I use in this tutorial.

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