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Get Started: Macrame Jewelry


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Wax Linen Cord Alternative
Waxed Linen Cord
Tammy Powley
Another popular cord to macrame with is a waxed sinew cord. Again, it’s fairly inexpensive, but normally you can only find it in natural colors such as white, brown, and black. There is also beading twin available, which comes in a much larger range of colors.

Once you get your main ingredient, the cord, you need just a few more items to get started. The most important is the surface area you will work on. You need something that you can pin your project to while you work. A clip board will do in a pinch because you can secure the top of the piece you are knotting under the clip, but you won't have any way to pin pieces of the cord. Therefore, another good option is a small bulletin board, about 11x17 inches is a good size. It can be placed on a table top or held in your lap while you work.

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