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Easy Bead Earring Projects

You'll need some findings, such as head pins and ear hooks, and then an assortment of beads to make the various earring projects listed here.

Cinco de Mayo Lampwork Earrings
Get the party started with this fun Cinco de Mayo Lampwork Earrings! The skulls beads are adorned with flowers, so I added a few Swarovski crystal flower beads to the earrings as well.

Glass Flower Post Earrings
These unusual lampwork flower beads turn into some cute (and simple to make) post earrings.

Lovely Lampwork Flower Earrings
I wanted some special earrings that combined the idea of love and femininity, so the flower crystal and lampwork beads combined with hearts seemed to be a perfect match.

CZ Faceted Fan Earrings
CZ Faceted Fan Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Intense Sparkle Starfish Earrings
These Swarovski crystal starfish are so amazingly bright and beautiful, you don't need to do too much to transform them into a pair of intense sparkle earrings.

Make Earrings Using Crystal and Glass
Incorporate crystal and glass beads and components into your earring designs.

Blue Resin and Crystal Hoop Earrings
Resin is light weight and comes in all kinds of amazing colors. This project combines hoop-style resin components with crystals and wire to make a fun pair of earrings that will get noticed.

Basic Bead Earrings
This basic bead earring project is where every beginning jewelry maker should begin. You'll learn some important techniques as you complete this easy earring project.

Lessons in Jewelry Love
This free jewelry making e-course is designed as a tribute to love. It is made up of 28 projects and each project incorporates the theme of “Love.” After you sign up for this free e-course, you’ll receive a lesson every day for 28 days. Lesson projects combine a number of jewelry making techniques from wire to beads.

Sterling V Earrings
This is a five minute project using unusual earring components from APAC Tools. These are so cool they can stand on their own, but of course, I had to add some beads.

“Can’t Touch That” Venetian Earrings
These Venetian glass beads are so beautiful that you won't want to touch them too much - just zip up a pair of simple earrings so you can wear them as soon as possible.

From Venice with Love Earrings
These earrings match the "From Venice with Love Bracelet." They only take a few components and some beautiful beads.

Lovely Flower Earrings
Hearts and flowers are always a great combination in jewelry any time of the year. So, get some of your own hearts and flower beads in order to make your own love inspired jewelry.

Basic Bead Earrings
Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, these basic bead earrings are a must to know how to do for any jewelry maker. They are quick to make and an infinite variety of designs can be created by just using different beads.

Rock Candy Earrings
These remind me of a certain type of candy with a hole in the middle, and the beads are made from rocks, so I call them Rock Candy Earrings.

Howlite and Hematite Rocky Candy Earrings
I know these earrings don’t actually look like rock candy. However, they remind me of a certain type of candy with a hole in the middle, and the beads are made from rocks, so I call them Rock Candy Earrings.

Glass Pillow Bead & Copper Earrings
These lampwork beads are puffy like a pillow and accented with crystals and copper.

Filigree Top Crystal Earrings
The top of tear drop crystal beads are decorated with a filigree cone for an amazing look that is so simply too.

Purple Romance Earrings
Red is not the only color of love. You'll love these purple earrings which have a touch of romance to them.

Jet Crystal and Copper Earrings
Sparkling black jet crystal beads look amazing with copper in this vintage inspired earring design.

Copper Bead Cap and Mother of Pearl Earrings
With just a few components and beads you can easily make these elegant looking earrings.

Mother of Pearl and Crystal Shell Earrings
Large mother of pearl coin style beads look great with some crystals and shells.

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