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Jewelry Making Forum Netiquette


I want everyone to feel comfortable stopping by and posting their ideas on Jewelry Making Forum. Therefore, I have an FAQ posted directly on the forum and also have come up with this list of Jewelry Making Forum Netiquette.

1. Email Your Concerns: If you ever have any questions concerning forum policies, rather than post a message on the forum, it is better to ask those who enforce the policies of the forum directly. Please feel free to email either the forum hosts or moderator whenever you have a question about this.

2.Commercial Posts:As with most places on the Internet, you may make your URL part of your "signature" by typing it under your name at the end of your posts.

You may also post about your jewelry-related web site in the Sales/Swaps/Sites folder. Posts that are not jewelry related will be removed or moved to the Off Topic folder at the Guide's discretion. Members who post repeatedly about the same sale, site, etc. may have some of the posts removed at the Guide's discretion. Repeated violations may require gagging.

We ask that you just use your common sense when it comes to promoting your jewelry related business.

3. Classes/Workshops/Shows/Jewelry Events: These posts should be made in the Shows/Classes/Jewelry Events folder. Limit to posting once for each event rather than post repeatedly.

4. Don't Repost Closed/Deleted Threads: If a thread has been deleted or closed, do not start another thread on this same subject or it will also be deleted or closed.

5. Ignore When Necessary: If someone on the forum rubs you the wrong way, rather than telling him/her so on the forum, simply select the Ignore Author option, which you'll find under the Options link in the left hand corner of any post.

6. Post Where Appropriate: There are a number of different categories, called folders, on the forums to post your questions and thoughts. This is so that we can all go to the area of interest when reading other jewelry makers’ posts.

7. Don’t Yell: Once you figure out where to post, remember that using all capital letters on-line is considered SHOUTING!

8. Reply to the Right Person: When replying to other people’s posts, watch that you answer or reply to the correct person (look at the To: section of the post) because you have the option to answer to all or just one particular person who has already posted.

9. Keep on Track: After replying back and forth, often a whole other jewelry-related topic can come up. This might be a good time to post a new thread. That way, other people can share your thoughts. While it’s okay to wander, if you are getting ready to talk about wire when the original topic was about finding a particular bead, you might consider posting a new thread under Wire Queries. That way other wire people can see what you’re talking about.

10. Post About Jewelry: Remember that this forum is about jewelry making. Though occasionally an off topic post is considered okay to do, keep them to a minimum. If you do decide to post about an off topic subject, then make sure you post it in the Off Topic folder.

11. Be Friendly: I'm sure you've seen people use smiley faces in their email to you. These are often used to make sure we understand when someone is joking or teasing us, and his/her comments are just made in jest. Since we can't hear the infliction in someone's tone of voice or see his/her face, it's often hard to understand if someone is joking or not. So, to make sure others on the board understand you're just fooling around, consider using some :) (smiley faces) ;) (the smile & wink) or even <grin> works well to make sure your comments aren't taken seriously.

12. Realize Our Diversity: Because the subject of jewelry making covers anything from glass bead making to soldering to crochet, it's important to realize that there are all kinds of jewelry makers who visit our forum. Some are highly skilled artisans who make jewelry their livelihood. Others are talented people who enjoy making jewelry as a hobby. It is great that we can exchange ideas freely, and though a particular idea may not be helpful to you, it may be useful to someone else.

13. Think Positive: Some times it's hard to know how to take another member's reply to your post. When in doubt, consider someone's reply as positive. Generally it is, and it'll make you feel better!

14. Accept Others' Opinions: The forum is a great place to share our opinions about the art we love. Often we will read ideas that we don't necessarily agree with. That will happen. However, try to avoid bashing other members' opinions. They are entitled to their opinion just as you are. Consider the old saying "if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all." While the forum is obviously a place to give opinions, it is not a place to rant, vent, or pick fights. If you see a discussion is getting out of hand, let one of the hosts or the moderator know via email so we can step in.

15. Have Fun & Make Friends: This is the most important rule.

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