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Chain Patterns & Making Chains

Learn to make your own metal and wire chains using simple jewelry making fabrication techniques such as making jump rings from sterling silver wire. Then connect your jump rings together into various patterns to form your own chains.

Spanish Style Chain
This interesting chain pattern was used once as a form of money. It combines soldering and wire fabrication techniques.

Celtic Wire Chain
This Celtic inspired chain pattern incorporates beads as well. Make it with a pair of round nosed pliers or use a jig to help make each jewelry component consistantly sized.

Jump Ring Joy
Though there are as many ways to make jump rings as there is to cook chicken, here's yet another technique to try.

Wire Coil Chain
No soldering is required, but this wire chain is pretty hefty. It can be made into a necklace or bracelet.

Figure 8 Jump Ring Chain
Practice your soldering technique and make a chain using wire.

Spanish Style Chain
Here's another cool chain project to add to your repertoire. This chain uses soldering and some bending techniques.

Two Tone Wrap Chain
Use both soldering and wire wrapping techniques to make this cool chain.

Double Wire Hook
Make a double wire hook to finish off some of those chains you've been making.

Bead and Wire Chain
Incorporate beads with wire to make a chain that looks good on it's own as either a bracelet, anklet, or necklace.

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