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Chain Maille

Learn all about the craft of making metal jewelry using tons and tons of jump rings - Chain Maille! This is an ancient art form that is still popular with many jewelry makers today.

Chain Maille Fashion
Along with lots of wonderful finished chain maille pieces to browse through, this site offers information on chain patterns, tools, and much more.

Silver Weaver
Known by the name Spider, this talented chain maille artist shows off her beautiful designs as well as provide historical and technical information about the craft.

Spider Chain Jewelry
Along with finished chain maille jewelry and even chain maille belts, you can purchase an instructional DVD on this site.

Golden Maille
With the okay from the folks at Urban Maille, this husband and wife team modeled their business after them and offer similar products but all in gold-filled wire.

Urban Maille
Aislyn and Gary have made their love of chain maille into a business where they sell silver chain maille rings for other maille enthusiasts. They also offer tools, kits, and on line how-to information.

Culture Jewelry
Matthew Woodbury has compiled all his jewelry knowledge into an e-book about making chain maille jewelry. He also offers a free spiral pattern you can download afer signing up on his web site.

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