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Re-Purposed Vintage Pin Necklace


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Re-Purposed Vintage Pin Necklace
Re-Purposed Vintage Pin Necklace

Re-Purposed Vintage Pin Necklace

Tammy Powley
A good friend of mine who has collected antique and vintage jewelry for many years gifted me a few pieces from her collection with instructions that I should feel free to alter, disassemble, and/or re-purpose them any way I saw fit. She explained to me that some vintage jewelry pieces are sometimes too valuable to do this to, but since she knows I like to make jewelry, she purposely selected jewelry pieces that were pretty but not so valuable that I should be concerned with damaging them if I took them apart.

Along with a few beaded necklaces in the gift box I opened, there was an adorable copper pin with small pearls on either side of a carved coral rose. Copper is so popular right now, that I knew immediately I wanted to add more copper findings to the pin and turn it into a different type of jewelry piece. The result is this Re-Purposed Vintage Pin Necklace where I turned the pin basically into a pendant.

To make a similar Re-Purposed Vintage Pin Necklace, you will need the following tools and supplies:

1 Copper vintage pin or your choice (which should have some filigree or open metal areas that you can connect findings, wire, and/or other jewelry components to)
About 20 inches of medium width antiqued copper link chain
1 9mm Copper lobster claw clasp
1 8mm Faceted mother of pearl natural colored (as in not bleached) bead
1 2-inch Copper Head pin
2 5mm Copper jump rings
Wire cutters
Chain-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers

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