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Bracelets Projects for Beginners

Learn to make your own bracelets. This selection of jewelry projects provides instructions for making all sort of bracelets using a variety of materials such as beads, wire, and metal.

Beginning Level Bead and Wire Bracelet Projects
Designed for beginners, this bead and wire bracelet gallery is full of great project ideas.

Bead & Wire Chain
This design can be used to make a bracelet or necklace. There are many possibilities with this design.

Rainbow Crystal Butterfly Bracelet
Dainty yet still packed full of sparkle, make this sterling and crystal butterfly bead bracelet.

Star Spangled Crystal Bracelet
Connect red, white, and blue crystals with hematite star beads to make this wire and crystal bracelet.

Necklace/Bracelet Combo
Use up those extra odds and ends and make a unique beaded jewelry piece which is a Combination necklace and bracelet.

Yoga Bracelet
Use the colors of Chakra to make a bracelet that can also be used for meditation.

Big Pearl Bracelet
Big potato pearls are combined with stretchy cord to make this pretty and comfortable bracelet.

Crochet Wire & Bead Bracelet
Crochet with wire and add a few accent beads to make this pretty crocheted wire and bead bracelet.

Color Your World
You don't have to hide that beading wire any more. With colored beading wire you can incorporate the color into your jewelry design.

Beaded Bead Bracelet
I combine stone beads, Czech crystals, glass beads, and the beaded bead to make a pretty bracelet.

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