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Crochet with Wire Book Review

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Crochet with Wire Book Review
Learning to crochet is one of the first crafts I learned as a child thanks to a free class at my local library. Since then, I’ve crocheted a few dozen afghans, multiple pot holders, scarves, and even a semi-successful sweater. So, I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of crocheting with wire, since wire jewelry making is one of my favorite venues now that jewelry is my preferred artistic outlet. I even crocheted a wire and bead bracelet for a project awhile ago on this site, and it was somewhat successful. But, then I stopped there because, while I liked the out come, I wasn’t really sure how to continue, where to go next with this jewelry making medium.

Luckily, for those of us who have wanted to crochet with wire but weren’t sure what to do after some of the basics, Nancie M. Wiseman picked up the challenge and experimented until she developed a number of techniques and projects for her book Crochet with Wire, published by Interweave Press (retail is $14.95 US and $20.95 Canada). Now, you don’t have to already know how to crochet to use this book. Like most jewelry making books, this one assumes everyone is a beginner. However, there is a lot here for those of us who already know some the basics of crochet, or who like myself, have already played around with wire crochet. Along with chain stitch and single crochet, which more experienced crafters may be familiar with, Wiseman moves on from there to also cover half-double and double crochet, and these two stitches, I think, offer a little something for the more advanced jewelry maker.

Projects, a total of 30, include necklaces and bracelets, but also earrings (which you don’t see a lot of in wire crochet) and even baskets. You can tell by reading this book that the author really “got into” this method of jewelry making. Her enthusiastic tone make you want to go out and get some super thin wire and dig around for that lost crochet hook in your junk drawer.

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