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Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Hey, I’m a bead lover, always have been always will be, but I also love working with wire. In fact, to me beads just seem to scream for a little wire here and there. Like most jewelry makers, I started using wire years ago as a way to connect up my crystal, pearl, and gemstone beads. That’s when I first discovered how versatile semi-precious wire (such as sterling and gold-filled) can be when making jewelry. However, too often wire seems to take a back seat when it comes to jewelry making. But not any more! The editors of Lapidary Journal and Step by Step Beads have answered the plea of wire jewelry enthusiasts with Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine.

The premier issue came out in spring 2005 and is packed full of wire, wire, and more wire information. Following the format of its two predecessors, this first issue has lots of project, each with step by step color photographs. Though the range in project difficulty varies, those new to wire jewelry will find plenty to help them get started. First, there’s a question and answer section with well-known wire worker Connie Fox. Then Nina Graci, another contributing editor, offers a mini wire workshop. Next, the editors offer up some wire basics and tips such as making jump rings and creating wrapped loops. After all the projects, you’ll find a wire products section by associate editor, Eric Van Osten.

You can find more information about Step by Step Wire Jewelry on their web site at www.stepbystepwire.com.

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