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Learn the basics of jewelry making using materials such as beads, wire, glass, metal, and clay. You'll find tips, projects, techniques, and DIY articles to get you started crafting your own hand-made jewelry.
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  2. How to Make Jewelry
  3. Jewelry Making Techniques
  4. Jewelry Tools and Equipment
  5. Beaded Jewelry
  6. Wire Jewelry
  7. Metal Jewelry
  1. Metal Clay Jewelry
  2. Macrame/Fiber Jewelry
  3. Fused Glass/Lampwork Jewelry
  4. Mixed Media Jewelry
  5. Polymer Clay Jewelry
  6. Reviews: Book, DVDs, Tools, Supplies

Jewelry Making Videos On-Line

Coil Wire with Nylon-Nosed Pliers

Watch and learn from these helpful jewelry making videos that cover beading, tools, and metal jewelry making methods.

How to Make Jewelry

Metal Clay Charm

Learn how to start making jewelry using different types of media. You'll find information about using beads, wire, metal, clay, fiber, and glass in your projects.

Jewelry Making Techniques

Simple Loop Technique

From beads to metal, learn specific techniques to take your jewelry making to the next level.

Jewelry Tools and Equipment

Round-Nosed Pliers

Learn about the various tools and and piece of equipment you can use to make wonderful hand-crafted jewelry.

Beaded Jewelry

Crystal Beads

Get some of the basics down with these tips, techniques, and how-tos on beading. All of our tips have been designed for jewelry makers at a beginner's level.

Wire Jewelry

beads and wire

Try out some basic jewelry making techniques on these easy projects to get you started making jewelry using wire. Many of these projects also include combining beads with wire as well.

Metal Jewelry

Oxidizing with Silver Black

With these basic metal techniques under your belt, soon you will be soldering and fabrication your own metal jewelry designs.

Metal Clay Jewelry

Silver Metal Clay Heart Beads

This unique form of clay turns into solid metal after firing. Find out more about this wonderful clay that allows you to form and fire metal jewelry.

Macrame/Fiber Jewelry

Easy Knot Earrings

Renew the good old days with some macrame basics. This section also covers the basics of using fiber in jewelry designs.

Fused Glass/Lampwork Jewelry

Faux Bead Glass

Discover tips and techniques for making glass lampwork beads as well as how to get started making jewelry components using fused glass techniques.

Mixed Media Jewelry

Resin Star

Mix up your jewelry designs with various types of materials to make unique jewelry designs. Combine materials such as fiber, metal, and more.

Polymer Clay Jewelry

PC Pumpkin Beads

Mold, form, and make jewelry components from polymer clay. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Reviews: Book, DVDs, Tools, Supplies

Metalwork: Making Cold Connections with Rivets DVD

Refer to these helpful reviews covering jewelry making books, DVDs, jewelry tools, and specialized jewelry supplies before you buy.

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