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Gift Making Ideas and How-To's

Ideas for Gifts You Can Make Yourself


Any time is a good time to give a gift hand-crafted with love, but of course, holidays and birthdays are the perfect times to get your DIY skills polished and get creative. I have gather ideas from around the About.com network to help you out. They cover all kinds of skill levels and interests, from jewelry making to painting and much more.

Family Craft's Creative Gift Ideas

Foot Print Shirt
Sherri Osborn
The Family Crafts Guide has a plethora of gift making and gift giving ideas that you can make with the entire family. These child-friendly crafts are not just for children either. If you are new to crafting or just looking for something create but also fast, then you will love this huge collection of craft projects.

Gifts from Your Kitchen

Brownie Mix
Diana Rattray
Spend a little time in the kitchen and whip up some yummy foodie gifts.

Homemade Gifts for Walkers

Tail Mix
Wendy Bumgardner
Lots of folks enjoy taking a good walk during the holidays, and some on your list may even be regular walking enthusiasts. This list of homemade gifts for walkers will help you pin-point the right gift for them.

Printing Cards from Your Art

Painting and Card Making
Marion Boddy-Evans
For those who have some artistic talent, such as painting and drawing, you can create amazing holiday and gift cards and while incorporating your own unique artwork. About.com's Painting Guide gives you all the how-to information you need to get started.

Jewelry Gift Ideas

Rose Quarts "Love" Pendant
Tammy Powley
Of course, jewelry makers usually have a long list of friends and family members how expect some spectacular and unique jewelry design from them. This list of projects includes an assortment of possibilities from super fast to a little more complex.

How to Make a Walking Stick or Hiking Stick

Hiking Stick
Wendy Bumgardner
This is a practical present for the walker on your list or even the person who likes to take a casual stroll now and then.

Make a Cassette Tape Wallet

Cassette Wallet
Rain Blanken
For the musical connoisseur or retro lover, this wallet is super cool and very functional. Originating from a cassette tape, which are basically just about obsolete now, this wallet is actually not that hard to make and will have your gift giver loving it.

Quick Knitting Patterns

Roll Brim Hat
Sarah E. White
Knit something up quick for just about anyone on your list with this collection of fast-knit projects that are fun to make as well as give as hand-made gifts.

Make a Purse out of Tank Tops

Tank Top Bag
Rain Blanken,
Super clever meets super easy and super fast with this amazing DIY project that turns a simple tank top into a handy shopping bag or purse that just just about anyone on your gift list will find useful and fun.

Make a Beeswax Sheet Book Candle

Beeswax Book Candle
David Fisher
For the book lover on your gift list, consider making this super unique candle that looks like a book.
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