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Beginner Earring Projects

Beginner jewelry makers will find some easy earring projects linked below. If you're new to jewelry making, earring projects are the best place to begin.

Blue Resin and Crystal Hoop Earrings
Resin is light weight and comes in all kinds of amazing colors. This project combines hoop-style resin components with crystals and wire to make a fun pair of earrings that will get noticed.

Princess Earrings
Beginners will love how easy these sweet earrings are too make. Perfect the princess in all of us.

Beginning Bead and Wire Earrings
Earrings are great beginner projects because they usually don't take that long to make. Try one of these easy bead and wire earring projects if you are new to making jewelry or if you just want some fun immediate gratification jewelry to make.

Medieval Earrings
After making these earrings, they reminded me of the large, steeple style hats worn by women during the Medieval period - thus the title of these earrings.

Pearl Hoops
Freshwater pearls are used in this design to make a pair of hoop earrings.

Pearl Dangle Earrings
These earrings have a dressy, elegant look that coordinate well with any other pearl jewelry you may already own.

Beaded Bead Earrings
You only need a few beaded beads to combine with stone, crystal, and glass beads so you can make earrings to match the Beaded Bead Bracelet.

No Wire Hanger Earrings
Unless you make them into a pretty pair of earrings like I did here. Use wire and beads to make a earring that will remind you of little wire earrings.

Jetson Earrings
Make these cool futuristic wire and bead earrings.

Sterling Silver Coil Earrings
Learn to make these simple pair of sterling silver earrings using 18 guage silver wire. You will also learn how this coiling technique can be used on a variety of jewelry projects.

Fringe Earrings 101
Learn brick, ladder, and fringe all by making these beautiful seed bead earrings.

Rock Candy Earrings
These remind me of a certain type of candy with a hole in the middle, and the beads are made from rocks, so I call them Rock Candy Earrings.

Mansfield Park
Pearls are believed to symbolize purity, and Fanny’s purity of heart is a perfect match to these sweet pearl earrings.

Persuasion Earrings
I tried to create earrings that would be appropriate for an older heroine to wear such as Anne Elliot in Jane Austen's book Persuasion. That is why I selected jet crystal beads to accent the sterling wire.

Sense & Sensibility Earrings
I’ve created two earring designs with similar characteristics: One for the head and one for the heart.

Elizabeth Earrings
Crystal teardrop beads, a little chain, and a few findings are used to make these earrings of character.

Basic Bead Earrings
Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro, these basic bead earrings are a must to know how to do for any jewelry maker. They are quick to make and an infinite variety of designs can be created by just using different beads.

PC Pumpkin Earrings
Polymer clay and your creativity are used to make these cute little pumpkins you can then make into earrings.

Beaded Bead Button Earrings
Show off your favorite buttons and enhance them in this earring design that incorporates beaded beads into the design.

Button & Wire Earrings
Take the extra buttons attached to a fancy blouse and make a matching pair of earrings.

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