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Vegetable Bunny and Bead Necklace


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Introduction and Materials
Vegetable Bunny and Bead Necklace

Vegetable Bunny and Bead Necklace

Tammy Powley
I love these vegetable beads I got from D.D. Hess! She also made the eggs and bunny, and I wanted to use them all together to create an Easter necklace. The egg beads kind of reminded me of the shape of pearls, so that inspired me to incorporate these lampwork beads in with some pale green pearl beads and a few crystal and glass beads. Pearls are available in all kinds of colors these days, especially in pastels, which seem perfect for a holiday like Easter.

To make this necklace, you'll need:

42 - 4 to 5mm pale green pearls
8 pink 6mm crystal beads
12 - size 6 pink beads
3 Vegetable lampwork beads (Mine include carrot, celery, and corn.)
1 Bunny lampwork bead
2 Egg lampwork beads
Beaded hook clasp and figure eight component
2 Crimp beads
About 20 inches of .015 beading wire
Wire cutter
Round-nosed pliers
Crimping pliers

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