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Pearl Illusion Necklace


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Introduction & Materials
Pearl Illusion Necklace
The idea behind the illusion style necklace is that the beads used are strung on threading medium that you can barely see. Thus, the beads (from a distance) seem to be floating around the wearer's neck. While there are a number of methods for achieving this design, I prefer the crimp bead method.

You'll need:

4 - 8mm pink pearl beads (I used Swarovski pearls.)
*approx. 18 inches of silver colored beading wire
2 sterling bead tips
8 - 2x2mm tube-shaped sterling crimp beads
Your choice of clasp
Crimping pliers
Flat-nosed pliers
Wire cutters

*I used .015 silver colored Beadalon beading wire.

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