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Beaded Bead Bracelet


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Introduction and Materials
Beaded Bead Bracelet

Beaded Bead Bracelet

Tammy Powley
After you learn how to make a Beaded Bead , you will want to show of your cool new beads that you made. This Beaded Bead Rose Quartz Bracelet is a good place to start. The finished bracelet measures about 7 1/2 inches long.

You’ll need:

2 dark cream beaded beads
2 matte dark burgundy beaded beads
3 - 6mm rose quartz beads
8 - 4mm rose quartz beads
16 - 4mm Czech crystal beads
8 size 6 rose pink Czech glass beads
2 bead tips
1 spring ring clasp
1 jump ring
*About 10 inches of size .010 beading wire
Round-nosed pliers
Chain-nosed pliers
Wire cutters
Corsage pin
Glue or hypo-cement

*Size .010 beading wire is thin but very strong, and I have found it to work well with bead tips. However, you can finish the ends with crimp beads if you prefer.

Note: I lost the original package that my Delicas came in, so I unfortunately don’t know their original color name. However, after looking in Fire Mountain’s catalog, the closest matching color names are as follows: what I refer to as burgundy looks like their transparent matte finish dark topaz; what I refer to as dark cream looks like their opaque rainbow round beads cream.

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