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Beads and Beaded Jewelry Bead Jewelry Lover Projects and Information

Beading for Bead Lovers


It is all about the beads! Here is a collection of projects and information for the bead lover, focusing on beaded jewelry techniques and bead jewelry projects.

Seed Bead Earring Projects

Fringe Earrings
Tammy Powley
Weave tiny glass seed beads into beautiful earrings.

Bead and Wire Earring Projects

Pink Crystal, Brown Lava Beads, and Copper Earrings
Tammy Powley
Two perfect jewelry making combinations - wire and beads - add them together to come up with a huge assortment of earring projects. Here are lots of wire and bead earrings, using materials such as gemstones, crystals, and precious metals to get you started.

Tips for Visiting a Bead Show

Bead Show Ticket
Tammy Powley
Bead shows are a blast, but if you haven't been to one before, they can be a little overwhelming too. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through a bead show so that you have a wonderful and productive day.

Fun Stone and Bead Folklore

Onyx Hoop Earrings
Tammy Powley
Here is some fun gemstone and bead folklore and birthday stone information.

Interview with Bead and Button Magazine

Bead and Button Magazine
Bead and Button Magazine
I had the opportunity to interview the editor of Bead and Button magazine, Ann Dee Allen.

Bead Stringing Findings

Bead Tip
Tammy Powley
In this article, I take you step by step through some of the most popular jewelry stringing findings. If you want to string up a beaded necklace, bracelet, or anklet, often you’ll need to use one of the following findings in order to do this.

Bead Stringing Fancy Finishes

Beaded Jewelry Finishes
Tammy Powley
Learn about some other options for giving your beaded strung jewelry pieces, including necklaces and bracelets, a professional finish.

How to Close a Crimp Bead

Crimp Bead
Tammy Powley
Crimp beads are used to finish off a beaded jewelry piece such as a necklace or bracelet. This tutorial shows how to use crimping plier to close a crimp bead.

Lampwork Bead Quality Tips

Lampwork Heart Beads by DD Hess
Tammy Powley
Even if you don't make lampwork beads, you may buy them at some point, so it is helpful to know what to look for when determining the quality of a lampwork bead before you buy it.

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