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Hematite - What Is Hematite?


Princess Earrings

Princess Earrings Using Hematite Beads

Tammy Powley
Definition: Hematite is an iron ore that is a dark gray color and a little shiny looking. It is a pretty common stone, so that means when it comes to jewelry components, like beads or cabochons, hematite is relatively inexpensive. Interestingly enough, though, even with its low cost, there are still synthetics of it available, often called hemalike or hemalyke.

This stone is primarily found in the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, and Canada. The name hematite comes from "ema" in Greek, meaning "blood," which makes sense because if you see particles from this stone when cut, they are a dark red color.

Pronunciation: he - ma - tight

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