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What Is Swarovski Crystal?


Swarovski Crystal Neilson Barnard Collection/Getty Images Entertainment
Definition: Swarovski is a company known for its amazing crystal in the form of figurines, finished jewelry, beads, and jewelry components. The company's patented technique helps create high-quality crystal that has beautiful luster and sparkle to it. While there are many other types of crystal beads and jewelry components on the market, Swarovski is still known for making the highest quality crystal in the industry. Though numerous bead and jewelry supply vendors sell products from Swarovski, the original factory was founded in Austria in 1895.

Bicone crystal beads are some of the best known from the Swarovski line. They are cut with a diamond shape on either side, thus giving off a highly faceted appearance and lots of sparkle.

Pronunciation: Swor-ov-ski
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