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All About Amber


All About Amber

All About Amber

Tammy Powley
Though often categorized with semi-precious stones, amber is not a stone. Sometimes it is referred to as an organic gemstone because it is actually fossilized resin from trees. It is found in Burma, Poland, Sicily, Mexico, and Romania, and it is available colors range from a light honey color to a deeper reddish color. Often air bubbles have been trapped in the lighter shades, and occasionally, organic matter such as bugs and foliage can also be found in pieces of amber.

The popularity of amber has been prevalent since prehistoric times. It can be found in the form of beads, carvings, cabochons, and pendants, so it is often used as a jewelry component. To determine if amber is real, drop a piece in salty water to see if it will float. Since it is extremely light, amber floats and is found floating in the Baltic.

One reason for the popularity of this organic gemstone is the myths that have grown around it. It is believed to give magicians more power, and it symbolizes life since insects and small animals are sometimes found in amber. Other powers associated with amber include luck, healing, strength, protection, and love.

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