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Brick Stitch Beaded Tree Ornament


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Introduction and Materials
Brick Stitch Christmas Tree

Brick Stitch Beaded Tree Ornament

Tammy Powley
If you know brick stitch, or even if you don’t, you can quickly make this tree ornament. It is quick and easy because, first of all, brick stitch naturally forms into a triangle. If you just start with an odd number of beads in your ladder row (your first row), you will soon have a triangle that can then become your tree. Also, I used size 6 beads. Since they are fairly large, it makes the project go very quickly.

You could use smaller beads and make two of these tree ornaments and hang them from earrings to create a cute pair of earrings too. You’ll need:

45 Green size 6 beads
8 Seed beads (your color choice)
1 Hematite star bead
4-6 Colored round beads in sizes from 4mm to 6mm
Beading needle and thread

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