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Beaded Ornament Cover


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Introduction and Materials
Beaded Ornament Cover

Beaded Ornament Cover

Tammy Powley
I adapted this beaded ornament cover from instructions I received from Pamela Welborn. Though her original design differs a little from this, I basically used her instructions and just changed the end some to add the dangling teardrops.

I’ve mad e a lot of these ornament covers. Because they use a simple net stitch, they work up quickly and even a beginning seed weaver can be successful in making these. They really make a basic ornament bulb look amazing once you place the beaded cover over it.

Materials Needed:

10 grams 11° of Color A Japanese Seed Beads
5 grams 11° of Color B Japanese Seed Beads
10 side drilled tear drop beads
Size 0 pre-waxed thread
Size 10 needle
Clear nail polish

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