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Tips for Making Threader Earrings

Some from Me and Some from You


Vintage Ear Thread Earrings

Voila! The finished product.

Tammy Powley
Threader earring findings are all the rage. Everyone on the Jewelry Making forum has been talking about these interesting jewelry components and sharing their thoughts and tips. Below are a few tips from me and from other forum members. Oh, and if you don’t know what threader earrings are or if you do and want to find out who sells them, take a look at my article “What are Ear Threads?”

Tammy’s Ear Thread Tips:

Be careful not to make them too heavy, or gravity will cause them to slip out of your ear holes.

To make a pair of ear threads a little longer, add some chain to the end. Then incorporate the chain into your design.

Most ear threads come in 3 or 5 inch lengths, but I had one in a batch that was 2.5 inches. Now I always double check that the threads are the same length before I make a pair.

Now here are some tips from forum members:

From Jim: The easiest threads to make in my opinion are the ones with a 3mm ball on the end. Beads or most anything else can be slid onto the thread and they are instant earrings. Other beads can also be changed out on the threads to match whatever you are wearing. I like working with the 5 inch because they can be used to go through two holes. My wife puts another silver bead between the two holes. I use both (3 inch and 5 inch) sizes, but the 5 inch with the ball are15 second earring sets.

From KJ: 1) Be sure to look through all your bead "leftovers" as this is a great way to use up those small quantities. 1-2 beads look terrific! Pearls and crystals work especially well as do small briolettes.
2) For a more casual look, try some funky Japanese lampwork in bright colors with sterling silver.
3) You already mentioned about keeping the weight to a minimum, but I think it's a good idea to go ahead and purchase the clear rubber earring stoppers just as a back up. I plan to sell the ear threads I've made and will include a pair of stoppers with each set. Plus, when they're on, it makes sure your ear threads stay even. When I road-tested the threads without the stoppers, I always ended up with one hanging longer than the other...although none ever actually fell out. I plan to always wear them with the stoppers from now on.

From Russ at Rings & Things: Ear threads sell best when you wear them and can demonstrate how easy and comfortable they are. At our Tucson booth, they sold best when one of the women were in the both wearing them. The 2 guys working alone didn't do so well with them.

From Tara: I was playing with some while on lunch at work a couple of weeks ago, the 3" with the 3mm ball on the end, and had one of my coworkers try them on. What we did was had her thread it from the back on her bottom piercing, add a bead with a loop, and then thread it through the front of her second piercing. It's a really nice look and I've sold several pair since doing that. And then customers come back and buy the looped beads so they can change them.

From Pammie: My tip to be sure to make them long enough to thread through more than one piercing...it looks cool to swag them through two or three piercings in one ear. Also, be sure you can change out the beads to match what you’re wearing!

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