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Crocheted Wire and Bead Jewelry by Jacqui Harris

Kooler Design Studio
Author Jacqui Harris has developed her own take on creating wire and beaded jewelry, and in her book Crocheted Wire and Bead Jewelry, she explains how she combines a basic crochet stitch and braiding to make her lacey while at the same time chunky-style necklaces. If you’re a master at wire crochet, then this book may not appeal to you, but few of us jewelry makers have mastered this technique as yet. (I’ve tried it a few times and even managed to come up with one bracelet project, but I have to admit to finding it tricky to crochet with wire.)

Harris’ book is geared toward the beginner and intermediate level jewelry maker. The first section of the book provides a few pages describing some of the tools and supplies you’ll need. Then the next three pages, using color photographs to help illustrate, explain how to make a basic crochet chain with wire; how to braid wire strands together; and finally how to finish off the wire and attach a clasp. In a nutshell, that’s her technique. The rest of the book shows how you can use this basic method and by changing the beads, number of wire chains, and adding other elements (such as pendants and bead strands), you can create different necklace designs. She also includes some helpful tips about forming and shaping the wire once you’ve crocheted with it and after you’ve braided it together.

While all the necklaces have a definite “wire and bead” look to them, the different beads used offer a variety of styles. For example, the “Little Princess” necklace is whimsical with feminine type charms including a purse, shoes, and a “little princess” t-shirt. The “Black and White Ball” necklace is more sophisticated, combining black hex beads and pearls with black wire. Then there’s “The Grapevine,” which incorporates amethyst nuggets for a rougher, more “earthy” look.

If you’ve wanted to try your hand at this unique jewelry technique, then this might be a good introduction to get you started. The book is 36 pages long and includes 25 necklace projects, which could probably easily be adapted into bracelets as well. It’s available through the publisher’s web site, Koolerdesign.com and retails for $11.95. For those who are interested in all aspects of crochet or related needle work such as knitting, Kooler Design Studio has two other books of interest: Encyclopedia of Crochet and Encyclopedia of Knitting (retail price is $24.95 each). Both cover all areas of thes crafts and include some interesting jewelry projects.

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