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Gifts for Jewelry Designers


Share the wonderful world of jewelry making with friends and family through gifts every jewelry designer can use.

Rivet Piercing Setting Tool

Rivet Piercing/Setting Tool

This tool system does two things: pierces holes and secures rivets.

Bling Earring Kit Review

Wig Jig

Make these fun bling earrings in just a few minutes with this jewelry kit from Wig Jig. Even a novice can make these in minutes.

The Coiling Gizmo Review

The Coiling Gizmo

This interesting tool provides a way to coil wire that can then be used for all types of jewelry making needs from forming jump rings to creating wire beads.

Patience Pays Off: Seed Bead Kit Review

Flower Seed Bead Kit
Ready to Bead

Ready to Bead offers kits for the seed beader. Here's a review of one of the company's seed bead bracelet kits. Anyone who has ever thought of learning to bead weave will find kits a perfect way to start.

Wubber Tools for Jewelry Making

Wubbers Jewelry Making Tools

Wubbers is the weird name for a line of tools made specifically for jewelry making.

Bead Stoppers

Bead Stopper
Bead Stopper

Bead stringing is where most beginning jewelry makers start. Bead Stoppers are the perfect little thank you gift or stocking stuffer for any jewelry designers.

Memory Wire Shears

Memory Wire Shears

Jewelry making newbies love memory wire, so this tool is perfect for them. When cutting memory wire, it's critical that you don't use your good wire cutters or you will damage them. This special tool from Beadalon is specifically designed for you to safely and precisely cut this wonderful jewelry making wire.

Portable Jewelry Making

Bead Tote

These jewelry making organizer totes are perfect for making jewelry while you are traveling or generally on the go.

Two-Hole Metal Punch

Hole Puncher
Hole Puncher

Learn about this handy little tool for punching holes in soft metal. Anyone who has wanted to work with metal but wasn't sure about how to cut holes will find this super handy, and it's very reasonably prices, perfect for gift giving.

Bead Reamer Set

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads

When working with certain types of beads, such as pearls, it's handy to have a bead reamer available. This set includes four reaming tips so you can fix though beads when you need to.

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Tools for Jewelry Making

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