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Beading Wire Defined


Beading Wire

Beading Wire

Tammy Powley
Definition: While there are all kinds of bead stringing materials available, beading wire is a very popular stringing medium used in bead stringing these days. It does have some wire in it, but it is not like the typical type of wire you use for making wire jewelry for instance. Instead, it is made of strands of twisted wire that are then coated, normally with nylon. This makes it both flexible and strong.

Some familiar brands of beading wire include Soft Touch, Beadalon, Accuflex, and Soft Flex. This stringing medium comes in a range of sizes measured in millimeters such as .010, .014, .015, .019, and so on. The larger the diameter wire is used for heavier beads. It also comes in an assortment of colors and even precious metal finishes such as silver and gold.

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