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Bead Basics for Beginners

Get some of the basics down with these tips, techniques, and how-to's on beading designed for the beginning jewelry maker.

Tube Beads aka Delica Beads Defined
Tube shaped beads are used for bead weaving.

15 Reasons Beads Are Better Than Chocolate
This is silly but fun, especially if you are a bead addict on a diet!

Bead Knotting for Cheaters
If you are new to bead knotting and haven't had much luck with the traditional approach, then consider use this alternative technique, which is a little like cheating bust still works.

Traditional Bead Knotting
Adding knots between beads is a way to add a special something to beaded jewelry pieces. This traditional method has been around for centuries, but you can learn how to do it too.

Gifts for Jewelry Making Beginners
Share the wonderful world of jewelry making with friends and family through gifts every jewelry making beginner could use.

How to Close a Crimp Bead
Crimp beads are used to finish off a beaded jewelry piece such as a necklace or bracelet. This tutorial shows how to use crimping plier to close a crimp bead.

Crimping Pictorial
"See" how to secure a crimp bead with this tutorial, which I put together using illustrations.

Learn About Bead Stringing Materials
There are a huge assortment of bead stringing media available. Here is some info on just a few to consider for your jewelry making needs.

Size Crimp Bead vs. Size of Beading Wire
What size crimp bead do you use with each different size of beading wire? I get this question a lot.

How to Use a Bead Board
Learn to use a bead board with your bead stringing and beaded jewelry designs.

"Tricks of the Trade" Revealed
Janice Parsons reveals her methods for designing unique, hand-crafted jewelry in this class on DVD by Beadshop.com

Conquer Your Crimps!
Just about any jewelry maker one time or another attempts to use crimp beads, and it can be a challenge. However, with these instructions and tips, anyone can learn this important technique.

Bead Knotting for Beginners
Once you know the basics of bead stringing, the next step is to learn how to knot between your beads. Knotting is a way to add a little extra quality to a piece of jewelry, and it’s really not that difficult to do. This course concentrates on knotting techniques, and if you’ve never done any bead stringing, I recommend that you first complete my Bead Stringing for Beginners E-Course.

Bead Stringing for Beginners
Bead stringing is an incredibly popular form of jewelry making, and you can learn to make your own beaded jewelry with just a few short lessons. In fact, if you’ve never made any jewelry before, then this e-course is the place to start. Learn all about jewelry findings and beads, plus how to make your own necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

White Swan
By becoming a member, you can take their on-line beading/macrame jewelry classes. Here is a list of all the classes they offer.

Handcrafted by Elaine
Here is a good place to start learning basic macrame knots.

Bead Brains
This is a wonderful and detailed explanation of how glass beads are made.

Bead Stringing Techniques
Bead stringing involves a number of important techniques. This list includes professional finishing techniques as well as important construction methods to help you make quality beaded jewelry.

Beadweaving Techniques
Working with tiny beads made of glass and weaving them together can be tricky; however, some basic stitches and techniques are all you need to start making jewelry with seed beads.

Beading Wire Defined
Beading wire is a very popular stringing medium, but what is it exactly?

Bugle Beads Defined
Bugle beads are long tube shaped beads used in bead weaving.

Crafty Princess Diaries
Learn various crafting techniques from wire to beads to fiber and more.

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