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Jewelry Repair Example


I once had a part-time Christmas job in a jewelry shop. We sold a large amount of jewelry, but the shop also made a lot of money from repairing jewelry. About 90 percent of the repair jobs were soldering joints. If you’ve been making jewelry for any length of time, you’ve probably already been asked by friends and family to do some jewelry repairs yourself. Whether it’s soldering a broken link or restringing an entire necklace, fixing what other people break can become a large part of your jewelry experience.

There are professional jewelry making classes available that deal with just jewelry repair. As a professional, jewelers must not only know how to handle a large variety of repair problems, they must work quickly. I met a jeweler once who had a job where she got paid per piece that she fixed. She had to learn quickly, and she learned all kinds of repair techniques. As a jewelry hobbyist, I can’t hold a torch to her abilities, but I have developed my own way to deal with jewelry repairs that I do for friends and family. This feature explains some repair tips and describes a repair job I completed once as a way to give you an idea of how to approach offering your own jewelry repair services.

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