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I Can Herringbone by Melissa Grakowsky

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I Can Herringbone by Melissa Grakowsky

I Can Herringbone by Melissa Grakowsky

Sterling Publishing
I Can Herringbone: From Basic Stitch to Advanced Techniques, a Comprehensive Workbook for Beginners by Melissa Grakowsky is published by Lark Jewelry and Beading. It includes 26 jewelry projects and 360 illustrations.

Techniques and Projects

After the usual front matter most jewelry books include that discuss the materials and supplies needed, the rest of the book is a combination of techniques and project that all focus around the herringbone stitch. The author moves from the most basic form of this stitch (flat herringbone) and moves through other variations of it which become more complex as you move through the book. So after flat, this is followed by variations of flat, tubular, variations of tubular, and finally bezeled stones.

As each stitch variation is explained, this is accompanied by colored graphs and then by a number of jewelry projects designed to use the stitch variation. One point that I really liked about the projects is that they have a good range as far as complexity. For example in the bezel section, the "Descending Scales Pendant" is a project noted as an "experienced beginner." It looks approachable for a beginner because it is simply showing how to make a bezel around one crystal stone, and then you can hang the finished pendant from a ready made chain. However, when you get to the end of this same section there is a much more advanced and challenging project called "Sinusoidal Necklace," which is gorgeous but obviously much more involved. This means there are plenty of projects for total beginners as well as very experienced bead weavers.

Final Thoughts

I am very impressed with how the books in this "I Can" series are organized. Steps and concepts are broken down but not to the point that someone with some beading experience would get bored. When I reviewed "I Can Right Angle Weave" I felt the same way. For anyone who has wanted to tackle a seed bead stitch but was not sure where to start, I recommend this series.
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