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Modern Expressions by Fernando Dasilva

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Modern Expressions by Fernando Dasilva

Modern Expressions by Fernando Dasilva

North Light Books
Modern Expressions: Creating Fabulous and Fashionable Jewelry with Easy-to-Find Elements by Fernando Dasilva is published by North Light Books with a copyright date of 2010. It is a 128 page paper back book that includes step-out color photographs and small number of drawn illustrations. The retail price is $22.99 US and $25.99 CAN. You may recognize this author and jewelry designer from his various partnerships with jewelry companies such as Swarovski Elements and Beadalon.

Supplies and Techniques

The sections in this book that discuss supplies, materials, and techniques are only eleven pages long; however, that is plenty long enough since most jewelry makers will be familiar with many of them. The bulk of these areas of the book are the techniques, which are covered in the back of the book, and include methods such as securing a bead tip and wrapping wire. These all have written instructions that are teamed up with full color photographs, so beginners will be able to easily follow along. There is also an on-line buyer's guide available, allowing you can purchase exactly the same materials used for each of the projects in the book.

The Projects

There are twenty five projects in this book, and as the title and subtitle suggest, they all tend to be trendy and modern. They are divided up into five sections: Precious, Chain of Command, Brighter than Light, Quicksilver, and Carnival Parade. Many are necklace projects, but there are also 4 earring designs and 2 bracelet designs as well. Plus some of projects show variations on the original design that can be expanded into earrings or bracelets. This part of the book also has fun "a la mode" areas sprinkled throughout that show color sketches of models wearing the jewelry pieces along with a note giving some ideas about how to team up the jewelry pieces with clothing. I thought that was a nice touch, especially since this book focuses so much on trends within fashion.

Many of the pieces are pretty dramatic. For example, one piece that stood out to me was the "Back to the Future" necklace. It has strands of clear vinyl tubing filled with strung crystal beads. This is then adorned with a stainless steel butterfly pendant, and then the back of the necklace is made up of five strands of chain.

Final Thoughts

I think this book delivers what is claims: fashion jewelry that incorporates unusual and fun elements. Links, chains, laying, multiple strands, and of course, beads are all fashion-forward designs, and you will find them throughout the projects in this book. None of the techniques are overly difficult, so very little jewelry experience is needed to successfully make many of the designs in the book. If you are looking for some fun and fashion trending jewelry to add to your wardrobe, then this definitely a book to consider.
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