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Nancy Cowan sumbitted some work in wire and beads. "I mainly bead but I make wire work earrings and clasps from phosphur bronze wire of varying gauges. They're actually recycled strings from my wire-strung harp. They've been a big hit and your site has provided many useful tips! These particular earrings have two separate components which swing gently with movement of the head."

You can see more of her work on her web site.

Shala Kerrigan shows her love for beads and silver in this addition to our gallery. I especially appreciate her combination since it shows you don't have to stick to just one medium. "This is a bead I fabricated in 20 gauge silver with 20 gauge half round wire, then I beaded it in flat peyote, zipping up the sides the peyote around the bead, then stringing it on rawhide."

Terry Carter created great look with 4mm carnelian beads, leopardskin jasper, glass, and freshwater pearls along with a pretty sterling fairy as the center piece of the necklace. Terry enjoys working with beads and wire.

Connie sent some beautiful pictures of her work. "I do a lot of jewelry design. My favorite mediums are silver wirework with gemstones." She also sellls her work on Ebay (her username is wirewomyn) and plans to get into silversmithing soon.

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