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Bling Ring Instructions

To make your own Bling Ring (like the one pictured), you’ll need:

1 rhodium-plated bling ring base
8 surgical steel head pin
8 – 4mm AB light blue Czech crystal
8 glass flower beads
round-nosed pliers
wire cutters
bent/flat-nosed pliers

1. First string on a flower bead and crystal bead onto one of your head pins.

2. Then use round-nosed pliers and the simple loop technique to make a loop on one end of the head pin.

3. Use bent or flat-nosed pliers to open the loop on your head pin a little, slip it onto one of the loops of your base, and close the loop.

4. Repeat this 7 more times to use up all your head pins and beads. That’s it! You’re done!

Now, if you want even more “bling” to your ring, add more dangles to your loops. In this ring made by Brenda Sue (the owner of B’Sue’s Boutique), she doubled up on the dangles for each loop on the base for a total of 16 dangles. She used a gold-plated bling base, aurum fire polished beads, and gold-plated Swarovski crystal head pins (which she also sells in her on line boutique).

All graphics created by Tammy Powley.

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