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Side-Drilled Pearl Solution Earrings

I love pearls, all kinds, and like many jewelry-makers, I collect them whenever I can with the intention of making something special with them. Side-drilled pearls were introduced awhile ago, and I've had a few strands tucked away in one of my many bead boxes. These are so pretty and unusual, but they can be challenging to work with. Finally, inspiration came to me and I came up with a design so that I could use them in a pair of earrings.

You'll need:

2 - side-drilled pink pearl beads
2 tourmaline bi-cone crystal beads
2 clear AB square beads
4 daisy spacers
2 Eurowires
10-inches of 24 gauge sterling wire
wire cutters
jeweler's file
round-nosed pliers
2 pairs of flat or bent nosed pliers

1. Cut 3 inches of wire, file ends smooth, insert through one of the pearls.

2. Measure down about 1 inch on the wire, and use your fingers to bend the wire towards the bead a little past 90 degrees.

3. Hold the bead on the wire, take the straight wire on the other side of the bead, and bend towards the bead again a little past 90 degrees. The wires on either side of the pearl bead should cross each other, but one side of the wire should be longer than the other.

4. The wire is pretty soft, so continue to use your fingers to cross the shorter wire over the longer wire, and then hold the wire area right above the pearl with one pair of flat or bent nosed pliers.

5. Take another pair of flat or bent pliers and wrap the short wire around the long wire about three times.

6. Insert the tourmaline bead onto the long piece of wire, which is basically working as a head pin now, and use round-nosed pliers to create another wrap loop at the top and wrap the loop closed.

7. Take two inches of wire, file ends, make a loop on one end, and insert it into the loop you finished wrapping in the step above.

8. Wrap the loop of your two-inch piece of wire closed so it is connected to the tourmaline crystal and pearl piece.

9. Slip on one daisy, one clear crystal, and another daisy bead onto the wire, and make another loop at the top.

10. Slip on your Eurowire, and wrap the loop closed.

11. Repeat all the steps above to create a matching earring.

Here's a printer friendly copy of this file.

All graphics created by Tammy Powley.

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