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Flying with Jewelry

By November 29, 2006

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Are you planning a long distance holiday trip? Or, have you recently had to fly and bring your jewelry and/or tools and supplies?

I guess theres's no longer a way to bring your jewelry goodies with you one the plane so you can get some jewelry made in the air, so it's very important for traveling jewelry makers to know what they should and should not bring to the air port now.

One jewelry maker recently asked about this on the Jewelry Making Forum:

Has anyone ever flown with their jewelry? I am of course planning to take the jewelry itself in a carry on, do you think I will run into any problems with security?


November 30, 2006 at 3:52 pm
(1) RoseyRoe says:

Hi, I recently did take supplies with me on a flight. I packed everything in my checked baggage. All items (beads, findings, tools, etc.) were in plastic storage boxes and then wrapped with either clothing or bubble wrap. Everything arrived safely and I was able to do my beading during my visit. On my next trip over holidays, I intend to send my entire jewelry storage case via checked baggage or I may just ship it UPS & have it waiting for me when I get there.
Wish you the best!

December 1, 2006 at 2:34 pm
(2) Tammy says:

I’ve heard of a lot of people shipping their luggage these days. Actually makes a lot of sense.

December 4, 2006 at 1:51 am
(3) Christine Florido says:

On my way back from Geneva, I stopped at Hong Kong for the weekend. I forgot to pack my bead wire, wire cutter and beading supplies in my checked-in baggage. I did encounter problems with security checks as I was about to board the plane because my supplies were in my carry-on bag. The Hong Kong airport security took away my wire cutter and bead wire. I guess the next time, when in doubt, check it in together with your luggage.

December 4, 2006 at 12:52 pm
(4) Candace says:

If you are flying within the U.S., the scrutiny at security checkpoints is less intense than international for the most part. I have taken a small kit with tiny scissors, wire and pliers and have passed through security within the U.S. You can go to the TSA website and check to see what is acceptable. Be sure and print out the list to carry with you, in case you are challenged. This is just for carry-on luggage. If you check your bag(s), there won’t be any problem.

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